Business Setup Overseas

Are you considering setting up overseas?

At Feliu N&I, we can assist you in setting up your business in any country around the world.

In a global market, business internationalization opens up unique opportunities for companies and their growth. Sound management is required for setup to be successful over time.

Our firm has a specialized team that boasts more than 20 years of experience supporting companies in establishing themselves abroad.

Our company can offer you a comprehensive solution for every setup process overseas through analysis, advising and the management of key aspects for successful project implementation.

Coordination of Key Aspects

We coordinate every aspect of business internationalization with different professionals in the destination country. By working in tandem with our local partners, our team is able to conduct a preliminary analysis in which we evaluate the destination country’s potential for your project and provide guidance on the optimal way to setup there.

Decision Making Guidance

The internationalization process requires continuously making of decisions. At Feliu N&I, we assist you based on our experience in the decision-making process.

Project Management

Our specialized team offers our clients comprehensive management of the project to be setup abroad. Thanks to our experience in managing multidisciplinary and international teams, we design project-specific solutions and optimize and streamline project processes and decisions.

Subsidiary Management and Consolidation

We take on the integrated management and consolidation of subsidiaries overseas.
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Regulatory Analysis by Service or Product

By working in tandem with our local partners, our specialized team conducts a preliminary analysis of regulations, records, permissions and licenses of the product or service to be sold overseas, thus enabling its entry into the new market.

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