Subsidiary Management

Can we help you manage your subsidiaries?

At Feliu N&I, we offer customized guidance throughout the accounting, tax and workforce maintenance processes of your subsidiaries.

In a global market, business internationalization opens up unique opportunities for companies and their growth. Sound management is required for setup to be successful over time.

Using our strategic alliances, we combine our global view with the experience and knowledge of local markets and support companies in the coordination and management of their setup projects overseas. People are essential, and at Feliu N&I we understand the complexity involved in managing multicultural teams. We bring together the different professionals necessary for each project during the setup phase, as well as for the management and consolidation of subsidiaries.

Working as a team with our local partners, we are able to provide integrated management support:

Feasibility Plan Analysis

We provide advising and analysis of our client’s needs in harmony with their setup project and recommend the best way to invest abroad. We offer support for project management and strategic decision making.

At Feliu N&I, we provide precursory analysis and advising with the goal of defining the best setup strategy by conducting a preliminary assessment of regulations, records, and product and service permissions and licenses to enable entry into the new international market.

Accounting and TAX Management

Together with our partners, our specialized team coordinates all accounting and tax processes and procedures of companies in the global market:
- Accounting preparation
- Tax obligation management and procedures with government entities.
- Advising on accounting principles and legislation.
- Tax advising and optimization.
- Foreign transaction reporting.
- Obtaining the company’s electronic signature for government entities, where necessary.
- Monitoring of electronic notifications.

Workforce Management

In collaboration with our partners on site, our specialized group takes care of coordinating all labor-related procedures and offers our clients solutions.
- Company registration with government labor entities.
- Company director registration with government labor entities.
- Initial employment contracts and extensions.
- Payroll and labor advising.
- Regular data reporting to government labor entities.
- Employee severance settlement and notification of contract termination to both parties.
- Implementation of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law.

Legal Advising

Through our strategic alliances we offer our clients guidance and global coordination to ensure regulatory compliance at both the corporate and foreign investment level.


We offer our clients coordination with accounting teams in each country and managers at the parent company. We also provide review of financial statements using analysis that enables the detection of line items that are important to regularize or report to parent company managers, and accounting and fiscal data processing in their country.

Administrative Services

At Feliu N&I, we make administrative services available to our clients for their subsidiaries:
- Invoicing
- Payment monitoring
- Receipt management

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