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At Feliu N&I, we offer custom solutions for each project and assist companies in the coordination and management of their overseas setup and international mobility projects.

We rely on a multidisciplinary team of professionals that, with a personalized and close relationship, enables us to tackle the challenges our clients put to us and offer integrated and custom solutions for each project.

Through our strategic alliances we support businesses in the coordination and management of their setup projects overseas and combine our global view with the experience and knowledge of local markets. People are essential, and at Feliu N&I we understand the complexity involved in managing multicultural teams. We bring together the different professionals necessary for each project during the setup phase, as well as for the management and consolidation of subsidiaries.

We prepare organizations for internationalization

Feliu Worldwide

Our network of international partners is essential to being able to offer global solutions both in the destination country and in the origin country under our team’s coordination. Coordination simplifies and streamlines all internationalization processes and enables the client to have an overall view of the business setup project. Over the last 20 years we have focused on building our network in order to offer customized solutions for each project.

Among our overseas partners, we have accounting, tax, labor, and legal offices, as well as teams that specialize in customs, industrial and intellectual property, immigration law, relocations, personnel selection, outsourcing, engineers, architects, realtors, and wealth and investment management consultants.

We create a multidisciplinary and multiprofessional team for each project.

Associations and Government Institutions

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