Structural Modifications of commercial companies, both domestic and cross-border, in relation to the transformation, merger, spin-off, and global assignment of assets and liabilities

Last June 29, Royal Decree Law 5/2023 was published, adopting and extending certain measures, among which are the structural modifications of commercial companies, internal and cross-border, in relation to transformation, merger, spin-off and global assignment of assets and liabilities. This new Royal Decree Law repeals in its entirety Law 3/2009 (LME) on structural modifications of

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New Regulation on Foreign Investments: Royal Decree 571/2023

On July 5, 2023, the BOE (Official State Gazette) published Royal Decree 571/2023, dated July 4, 2023, concerning foreign investments. This decree is set to take effect on September 1, 2023. It marks a significant milestone as it approves the new regulatory framework associated with Law 19/2003, enacted on July 4, 2003. Law 19/2003 establishes

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Dear Spanish companies, We are pleased to invite you to consider investing in Costa Rica, a country that offers a favorable environment for foreign investment. Costa Rica has proven to be an attractive destination for international companies, and in particular, for Spanish companies seeking to expand their operations in Latin America. Here are some reasons

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Law 28/2022

A new regulatory framework to support the creation and growth of Start-up companies is established by Law 28/2022

Order PCM/825/2023, of July 20, which regulates the criteria and procedures for the certification of emerging companies that give access to the benefits and specialties recognized in Law 28/2022, was published in the BOE last Friday, July 21. CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING THE CHARACTER OF THE INNOVATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Article 4) An entrepreneurial project will be considered

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tax rises

Corporate income tax rises in the United Kingdom from 19% to 25%

The United Kingdom government is forced to seek resources to plug the hole in the public finances (deficit of 5.4% in 2022) with the aim of increasing revenue by some £12 billion over the 2023-2024 financial year. Companies reporting a profit of up to £50,000 will continue to be taxed at 19%, while companies above

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Feliu N&I launches new website!

Feliu N&I has a new website, and we are proud to share it with all of you. This website presents a new image with an updated design, as well as a more intuitive and dynamic navigation. On the Feliu N&I website you will be able to find all the details of our solutions in the

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