Conference: investment strategies in Central America


inversión en centroamérica

Feliu N&I and ICG (International Consulting Group) are organising the conference “Investment Strategies in Central America”, which will take place on 8 November at the Foment del Treball facilities in Barcelona, with the participation of SICA (Central American Integration System), International SOS and Caixabank.

Edgardo Bucaro of ICG – Central America, as well as interventions from different countries in this region: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic. International SOS will address “Medical and Security Risk Management for International Displaced Persons” and Caixabank will provide the keys to financing mechanisms for investment projects in Central America.

At the end of the presentations, there will be a space for individual sessions with those companies attending who wish to resolve doubts and particularities of their projects. For more information and registration details for this event, please contact

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