El Salvador and Spain exchange experiences in solar project development


Companies from Spain and El Salvador shared their experiences in the development of photovoltaic solar energy generation projects during the technical seminar entitled “Photovoltaic integration in the electricity grids of Spain and El Salvador”, carried out by the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) in conjunction with the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF) and with the support of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and ICEX-Spain Exports and Investments.

During the event, the Government of El Salvador welcomed the entrepreneurs through the Executive Undersecretary of the National Energy Council (CNE), José Andrés Márquez. In addition, the opportunities offered by the country for the development of investments were presented through the participation of the Investment Promotion Manager of PROESA, Carolina Vides. Information was also provided on the experience of
Carlos Nájera, Director of Renewable Energy Development of CNE. In addition, the General Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET) presented the regulatory framework for the development of photovoltaic plants in the Salvadoran grid.

The Salvadoran distributor DELSUR also explained the recent bidding process for the generation of 150 megawatts of non-conventional renewable energy based on wind and solar photovoltaic sources, for 20 years starting in 2019, which El Salvador has initiated. Through this, domestic and foreign companies have been invited to bid for energy, and it is expected to generate an investment of close to 300 million dollars in the next two years and supply the demand of some 250,000 Salvadoran homes.

On the Spanish side, there were presentations on the experience of photovoltaic integration into the Spanish electricity grid, information on the role of the bank’s technical advisor during the financing of solar photovoltaic projects, the regulatory framework for the development of solar photovoltaic plants in the Spanish grid, and the keys to the success of a photovoltaic project.

“We are here thanks to a meeting held in Spain last year, where the Government of El Salvador, through PROESA, presented the investment opportunities that the country has for the energy sector. We have found in this conference with first-hand information for our companies that we are sure will serve them for potential investments in El Salvador,” said Lucia Dolera, Head of Coordination with Partners and International Relations of UNEF.

During the day, business meetings were also held between Spanish and Salvadoran companies, with the purpose of establishing alliances in favor of renewable energy generation in El Salvador.


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