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Expatfeliu participates in the internationalization round table in Pamplona - Feliu N&I

Expatfeliu participates in the internationalization round table in Pamplona


On May 30, Feliu N&I will participate in the Internationalization Roundtable organized by AEDIPE Navarra (Spanish Association of People Management and Development) in Pamplona, which is part of a series of international human resources conferences.

During the session, Montserrat Feliu of Feliu N&I and EXPATFELIU will present the keys to international Human Resources Management and the processes of expatriation and displacement of workers.

At the end of her speech, there will be a round table in which three companies will explain their experiences on the subject. The companies participating in this edition are Acciona Nordex, MTorres and 3P Biopharmaceuticals. The session on May 30 is scheduled to be held at the facilities of the Pamplona College of Physicians.

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