Feliu and Expatfeliu conference series



From April 24 to 26, Feliu and Expat Feliu participated in different dissemination conferences on internationalization and international mobility of workers.

*AREX Network breakfasts of Aragón Exterior: conference in Zaragoza with companies interested or currently in the process of moving and expatriating workers.

*Sessions with amec Experts: once again, Feliu and Expat Feliu met with attendees from different economic activities, interested in learning more about the implications and minimum requirements to undertake a project of posting and/or expatriation of workers. The session was also streamed to all amec members.

Otros Actos y Jornadas

industrial property

Industrial property registration: What is it and why is it important for your business?

In today’s complex business environment, characterized by constant innovation and creativity, the protection of industrial property assumes fundamental importance in ensuring the sustainability and continued development of any organization. Industrial property encompasses a set of legal rights designed to protect inventions, trademarks, designs, and other commercial and technical assets. This form of protection not only

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