FELIU N&I – 10th Anniversary



During these 10 years, Feliu N&I has been promoting the internationalization of companies and working to consolidate projects through its subsidiary management service. Internationalization is complex and requires planning and resources, especially human and financial. For this reason, Feliu considers this accompaniment throughout the project to be essential. The key to internationalization is to plan, implement and consolidate.

The markets with the most projects carried out have been: Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama, Brazil and the United States, due to the different investment opportunities that these countries offer. In recent years, Feliu N&I has been working in new markets such as Central America and the Caribbean, as well as Bolivia and Paraguay. Additionally, we have supported foreign companies from different countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, France, Poland, among others, in their establishments in our country.

Feliu N&I has a professional team specialized in the implementation of Latin American companies in Spain, “INVEST IN SPAIN”. The available knowledge of the Latin American market at legal, tax and accounting level as well as the usual teamwork between the professionals of the company and the Feliu N&I team, allows us to offer a professional service of quality and adapted to the needs of the investor. Different seminars have been held in Latin American countries, such as Colombia and Mexico, for local companies with the intention of establishing themselves in Spain, since our country offers great opportunities for expansion as a gateway to Europe. Feliu N&I can also support, together with partners in Europe, to consolidate growth in this market.

Feliu N&I has a team specialized in Expatriation and International Mobility, EXPATFELIU. It is an essential support, since companies that operate in multiple markets and participate in different international projects need to coordinate and manage expatriations and impatriations in a strategic way. ExpatFeliu provides comprehensive support in expatriation and impatriation of human resources, covering tax, labor and migration issues involved in these processes. It covers the needs of companies and their managers, technicians and commercial staff with a team of experts in Spain and a network of specialized partners in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

In addition, with the aim of approaching and spreading internationalization among companies, Feliu N&I actively participates and organizes seminars, events and conferences on the key aspects to be taken into account in the implementation abroad as well as more specifically on the different Latin American countries or on the processes of International Mobility.

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