Feliu N&I & Expat Feliu celebrate 18th anniversary!


Feliu N&I

We are celebrating our 18 anniversary!


Feliu N&I was born from the sum of different elements, from the admiration for the industry and its growth, the passion to get to know other cultures, the curiosity to discover new markets and different business strategies, to the vocation of being useful and offering innovative solutions through the creation of multicultural and multi-professional teams for each project. The experience acquired since 1998 in projects in Brazil and Argentina confirmed us that our internationalization solutions were necessary especially for medium size companies. We have proven that we made a very good team with other service suppliers for multinational companies in the different steps of internationalization.

We started traveling without mobile phones, of course without Wi-Fi, negotiating contracts by fax and establishing connections with clients and partners in intense face-to-face meetings. 18 years later we have other means, but we still believe that trust is built on the basis of good relationships with people, being close, transparent and rigorous.


Thanks to all the people who have been part of Feliu N&I Team during these 18 years, we have built this project, a project that continues to adapt to the needs of time.


Thanks to all our partners for believing in our project and for supporting our clients, whether they are small, medium or large companies. Building our network has been one of the main challenges of these 18 years, good personal and professional relationships that have contributed in an essential way to the success of our clients’ projects and being able to enjoy, learn and grow from teamwork.


Thanks to all our clients, the trust you have shown us in our services makes you an essential part of this story. Without being able to accompany you in the internationalization of your projects, we would not have come so far. We hope to continue to be your trusted partner in the future and continue to create creative solutions for internationalization.


To many more years growing together!


www.feliu.biz | www.expatfeliu.com | comunicacion@feliu.biz | 93 875 46 60

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