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Feliu N&I participated in the 5th edition of the IMEX Barcelona 2016 trade fair - Feliu N&I

Feliu N&I participated in the 5th edition of the IMEX Barcelona 2016 trade fair


On the 19th and 20th of October Feliu N&I participated in the 5th edition of the IMEX fair held at the Wold Trade Center in Barcelona.

IMEX is one of the most important events of International Business of all those held in Catalonia with the aspiration to reach in its fifth edition more than 1,000 visitors and more than 3,000 interviews with experts from 35 countries and leading internationalization service companies in their sector, specialized conferences, and an exclusive exhibition area, therefore being a must for all professionals and Catalan companies that have a presence or seek to have it in international markets.

Feliu N&I attended all enquiries from the Peru stand on behalf of the Commercial Office of the Peruvian Embassy in Spain.

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