Investment Opportunities in Costa Rica for Foreign Companies



Dear Spanish companies,

We are pleased to invite you to consider the possibility of investing in Costa Rica, a country that provides a conducive environment for foreign investment.

Costa Rica has proven to be an attractive destination for international companies, particularly for Spanish firms seeking to expand their operations in Latam.

Here are some reasons why Costa Rica can be an excellent choice for your investment:

  1. Political and Economic Stability: Costa Rica is renowned for its political stability and robust democracy. The country has maintained a stable political environment for decades, instilling confidence and security in foreign investors. Additionally, Costa Rica has managed to sustain a stable economy with consistent economic growth and controlled inflation.
  2. Favorable Legal and Regulatory Framework: Costa Rica boasts a strong legal and regulatory framework that protects the rights of foreign investors. The country has established laws and regulations that encourage and safeguard investment, providing legal security and transparency in business.
  3. Access to International Markets: Costa Rica has a network of free trade agreements that offer preferential access to key markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. These agreements facilitate the trade of goods and services and provide opportunities to expand your global reach.
  4. Highly Skilled Workforce: Costa Rica takes pride in having a highly educated and skilled workforce. The country has invested in education and technical training, resulting in a qualified labor force in areas such as technology, shared services, life sciences, and more.
  5. Tax Incentives and Benefits: Costa Rica offers a range of fiscal incentives and benefits for foreign companies, including tax exemptions, reductions in social security contributions, and more. These incentives can enhance the profitability of your investments.

In addition to these advantages, Costa Rica offers an exceptional quality of life, with stunning natural surroundings, a welcoming culture, and high-quality infrastructure.

We invite Spanish companies to explore investment opportunities in Costa Rica and take advantage of the favorable business environment. Our government and institutions are committed to supporting and facilitating your investment in the country.

We are ready to provide you with additional information and assistance in your investment process. We look forward to receiving your interest and welcoming you to Costa Rica.

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