Keys to Expatriation & Business Travel in the conference organized by Feliu N&I and Ibta



The Expatriation & Business Travel Conference offered valuable insights into creating effective expatriation and business travel policies. The event showcased essential figures and 2019 trends that are shaping the industry. Attendees included Travel Managers and HR heads.

Hosted at Hotel Camiral: Feliu N&I and IBTA’s Insightful Event

On Wednesday, February 13, the Hotel Camiral was the venue for the conference “Worker Relocation Abroad and Corporate Travel Expense Optimization.” This event, organized by Feliu N&I in collaboration with the Iberian Business Travel Association (IBTA), and supported by amec and AirFrance KLM, delved into the heart of expatriation and business travel.

Exploring the World of Expatriation & Business Travel

The central theme of the conference revolved around Expatriation & Business Travel. The morning was filled with presentations that shed light on the outlook, emerging trends, and avenues of growth in these areas, especially for companies embarking on internationalization projects.

Insightful Presentations

The day commenced with a presentation by Alejandro Gallego, Deputy Director of Business Unit 3 at amec (Association of Internationalized Industrial Companies). He offered a forward-looking report that delved into the most promising markets for 2019, segmented by industry.

Montserrat Feliu, Partner-Director of Feliu N&I, followed with a presentation focusing on the significance of expatriation policies and the Expatriation Manual. Her insights encompassed key considerations in migration, labor, and taxation, vital for planning both short-term and long-term relocations.

Montserrat Tor, Travel Manager of PHIBO, delivered two engaging presentations on the Business Travel sector. She discussed the pivotal role of Travel Managers and strategies for Travel and Negotiation policies. Her talks included crucial statistics, negotiation approaches, and agreements aimed at expense optimization and traveler satisfaction.

The conference concluded with a presentation by Carlos Quesada, Business Development Account Manager of Air France KLM. He highlighted the airline’s commitment to being a profitable and sustainable travel partner. As a delightful closing gesture, the airline raffled off a double ticket to any European destination to one of the attendees.

Engaging a Diverse Audience

The event attracted Travel Managers and HR Managers from companies spanning various industries. It forms part of a broader effort to disseminate knowledge and provide training on the intricacies of Expatriation & Business Travel projects, addressing essential requirements and considerations.

Ready to Elevate Your Business Travel and Expatriation Strategies?

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