WEBINAR: Impact of Covid-19 on international business and the management of delinquencies and financial viability


How will this pandemic affect the international business?

Next July 3rd at 10.30 am Feliu N&I will participate in the online session “The impact of COVID-19 on international business and the management of delinquency and financial viability” organized by Grup Santasusana and Coface.

This informative pill will be given by:

Mikel Aguirre Uzkiano: Head of Political and Single Risk COFACE IBERICA and professor at IE Business School Economic Environment Associated University. Montserrat Feliu: Partner-Director of FeliuN&I and Expatfeliu-Expertos en Movilidad Internacional Carlos Diez Alonso: Broker Channel Manager at Coface

Why this webinar?
In the current situation derived from the COVID-19, in which a significant increase in delinquency is expected, it is crucial a proper financial management of sales to customers to cancel or minimize eventual defaults and ensure financial viability.

The objective is to analyze the different debt management tools available for the financial management of the company and what effects the pandemic will have on international businesses.

Don’t miss it!

Registration: comunciacion@feliu.biz

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