WEBINAR July 14: “How to travel and move personnel safely?”


On July 14th we held the webinar “Guidelines for Getting Back on Track, International Mobility and Safe Travel” organized jointly with International SOS and Amec.

We are pleased to attach a brief summary of some of the points made by the speakers during the event:

This global health crisis brings many difficulties in mobility and international operations. Companies must now optimize their strategy and policies to ensure the health, safety and well-being of their employees, while ensuring business continuity. That is why we held a session this week in which we explained to more than twenty companies how to operate, move staff and travel safely.

There are problems of insecurity in some markets, borders are closed due to the effects of the pandemic, difficulties arise for the return of expatriates … Industrial companies continue to operate but now “they have to do it contemplating the situation well and responsibly,” explained the deputy director of amec, Diego Guri. In this sense, Montserrat Feliu, our expert in international mobility and partner-director of FeliuN&I, said that the mobility problems generated by the pandemic have once again demonstrated “the importance of having local people in the places where companies have subsidiaries”, to avoid the problems of displacement. At the same time, having teams of different nationalities at headquarters allows these people to enter their respective countries of origin with fewer restrictions. In many cases, this requires good training of staff in the country where an industrial company is being set up.

To circumvent some of the problems that may occur, International SOS is responsible for issuing alerts to companies about what is happening in the countries where they have their staff stationed, while taking care of urgent impatriation or solving unexpected situations, as detailed by the heads of International SOS Javier Mollá Ayuso and Ricardo Lenoir-Grand Pons.

The repercussions of the pandemic in the countries, far from becoming clearer, continue to evolve, so being alert to the environment in which our employees find themselves will continue to be part of the international operations of all internationalized activities in the coming months.

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