Webinar March 10, 2021: labor reforms in Mexico: telework and outsourcing


Next Wednesday, March 10th at 5:00 pm, we organize together with C&R Abogados and with the support of ICG International Consulting Grup the webinar “Labor Reforms in Mexico: Telework and Outsourcing”.

This informative pill will be given by Montserrat Feliu (Partner-Director of FeliuN&I and Expatfeliu-Expertos en Movilidad Internacional), José Manuel Arroyo Catelazo (Associate C&R Abogados and Graduate) and Ramiro Cervantes Urban (Partner C&R Abogados, President ICG).

Why this webinar?

The objective of the session is to focus on the importance of an optimal management of subsidiaries abroad and especially in Mexico, and will cover the following topics:

The approved Reform to the Mexican Federal Labor Law regarding Telework (Homeoffice), which seeks to regulate and make working from home more efficient.

The Draft Reform to Mexico’s Federal Labor Law regarding Outsourcing, which if approved would imply that companies would have to implement important changes in their labor contracting procedures and some corporate legal matters.
The session will last 90 minutes, of which 15 minutes will be devoted to questions from the audience.

For more information and registration: comunicacion@feliu.biz

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