Feliu N&I will participate in the XXVIII General Assembly of Partners from ICG (International Consulting Group)


International Consulting Group

Feliu N&I will participate in the XXVIII International Consulting Group (ICG) Associates Convention that will take place for the first time in the city of Cartagena, Colombia, from October 18 to 20.

The Convention will welcome international representatives from accounting, auditing, legal and international business firms from more than 32 International Consulting Group member offices.

The convention will highlight the commitment of international business networks to fostering increasingly responsible, trustworthy, equitable and inclusive business.

In recent years, the transformation in the way companies operate and expand has experienced a rapid growth.

International business networks, such as International Consulting Group, are an invaluable resource for companies by providing access to diversified markets and promoting inclusiveness by engaging diverse economic and cultural stakeholders. Collaboration with international partners enables companies to address complex challenges and capitalize on the experience and knowledge of different regions, generating innovative and relevant solutions in a diverse world.

The Convention will focus on addressing internal network issues, strengthening synergies between partners and promoting concrete collaborative actions in an international agenda aligned with the promotion of sustainable, responsible, reliable and inclusive business.

The meeting will feature academic and business exchanges, as well as debates on current issues in Latin America, such as Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico.

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